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Our Clinical Services

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA Therapy in both 1:1 and group sessions. Each session is run by a Registered Behavior Technician or Behavior Line Therapist under the supervision of a BCBA or BACB Practicum Student under the supervision of a BCBA. Plans are individualized to meet the needs of the client.

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Parent/Caregiver Training

We provide Parent/Caregiver Training to each family in both private and group settings. Through this service, we review the proposed Treatment Plan and collaborate with families to ensure its contents match the need of the family and are feasible to implement, in the home setting, so that clients can generalize skills learned in our clinic.

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Early Intervention

We provide both Full and Half Day Early Intervention for pre-school aged clients (age 3-5). Our program derives instruction from an accredited curriculum and uses ABA techniques and strategies to help students achieve their academic, social and behavioral goals. 

BACB Practicum Supervision

We provide FREE BCBA Supervision for Practicum Students under our employment. Our dedicated BCBAs work hard to ensure all practicum requirements are fulfilled and actively provide tutoring for the BACB Exam.

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School Consultation

We provide contractual consultaion to area school districts who do not have a Behavior Analyst on staff. Our BCBAs fulfill behavior analytic work in accordance with school district preference. 

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