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Bridge the Gap.

Parent/Caregiver training is considered a successful intervention for the prevention and treatment of child and adolescent problem behaviors. ​ The goal is to teach parents more effective behavior management strategies in an effort to prevent inappropriate behaviors, increase appropriate social skills, promote a healthy parent-child relationship and reduce parent stress.


Parents often feel ill-equipped when responding to their child's negative behavior. They don't know how to promote and encourage skills taught in therapy. Our goal, at The Behavior Helper, is to change that trajectory by teaching parents "why" their child's behavior occurs and how to more effectively respond. 


Our parents are taught specific tools and strategies, applicable to their child's Treatment Plan, to respond to their child's emotions and actions. They learn how to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors such as using more appropriate expressive language to gets wants and need met and following parental directions. Once parents learn to implement the same strategies used in therapy, the child begins to understand that the expectations for their behavior is the same regardless of who is present. Often, the result is the child grasps techniques more rapidly, thereby leading to more progress in their natural environment, the home.

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