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One Goal:

Effective, Efficient & Ethical Supervision


We ensure that our practicum students (Behavior Analyst Interns) become Registered Behavior Technicians to ensure proficiency in plan implementation and data collection. We believe skills acquired as an RBT are valuable and beneficial while working to obtain BCBA certification. 


Interns are given small caseloads where they assess clients upon intake, develop Treatment Plans, train staff on plan contents and behavior analytic strategies and collect and analyze data. All duties and responsibities are under the supervision of a BCBA who has met supervision requirements set forth by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). 


We are committed to providing comprehensive tutoring for our Interns. We know, from experience, how daunting the process towards becoming credentialed can be. We use the BACB 5th Edition Task List as our guide and tailor tutoring sessions to meet the needs of the individual. TBH uses a wide-range of resources to help Interns feel confident, prepared and ready to take on the BACB Exam!

We offer FREE BACB Supervision to TBH staff members pursuing BCBA certification. 
BACB Superivision for non-employees coming soon!

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