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I started The Behavior Helper because of my passion to help families unlock the potential within their children. I have lived it with my own family and know I am able to help others walk that path.

-Mandi O'Mara, Ed.S., BCBA, LBA
Founder & Owner


It all began with one family in need of services. At the time, Mandi was working full-time under the leadership of Sue Conklin, MS, CCC, SLP who'd grown to be her mentor and friend. During this time, Mandi utilized her experience as a Clinical BCBA to provide in-home and school services to adults and children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. After several years of successfully helping others achieve their behavioral and skill acquisition goals, one of Mandi's families encouraged her to procure LLC licensure under the name, The Behavior Helper. In 2019, this would come to fruition and The Behavior Helper, LLC was established. Mandi would go on to pursue expanding The Behavior Helper full-time. Through her efforts, the clinic has grown from a roster of 1 private pay client and 2 members on staff to 24 hard-working, loving and creative clients with a dedicated staff.


In reflecting on her previous work experiences, Mandi worked hard to ensure The Behavior Helper feels like home to all those who walk through the doors. The motto, "Unlock the Potential", was established through her desire to ensure clients understand they never have to change who they are.

"I love the small, little things that make all our clients who they are. From the scripting to their stemming behaviors, I love that about them. I just know there are some who have trouble accessing the coping skills that they have. I want to unlock the potential, that I know that they have in them, to help them access life to the fullest and those mechanisms that make life so much greater."

-Mandi O'Mara, Ed.S., BCBA, LBA
Founder & Owner

Why Choose The Behavior Helper?

"I don't think there is anything special about us, per se. When your staff feels loved and cared about, it's like an overflowing cup. When their needs are met, they are able to pour that love and care onto the clients. When they feel heard, recognized and seen, they turn that around and put that same energy towards their clients. That's what sets us apart."

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